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D-VoiS has partnered with Cisco Systems to provide integrated Smart & Connected City solutions to customers. We have already implemented these solutions across multiple Indian cities. We also operate and maintain these applications on our network.

The following projects have been successfully deployed by D-VoiS.

Smart City Pilot at Electronic City, Bangalore:
Asia’s 1st IOT Innovation Hub, the network enables several critical applications like Surveillance, Traffic Management, Parking, Smart Lighting, etc. All vital data is available on the cloud for efficient management.

Remote FIR Kiosk pilot for Bangalore City Police:
The Remote FIR Kiosk was a pilot facility for citizens to lodge a police complaint and obtain an FIR instantly without having to visit the police station. A copy of the FIR could be obtained through an on-board printer. On an average, it took just 20 minutes to file an FIR.

Pilot Security & Surveillance solution with Face & Number Plate recognition for BCP:
Along with our partners Cisco and AGT International, we implemented an advanced security and surveillance solution in MG Road, Brigade Road and Bangalore Metro Stations. High definition Cameras were placed at key locations and were connected to the Central Command Center of the BCP. The intelligent system could recognize unattended objects, match faces of suspects, read number plates of suspected vehicles & link them to the database, and finally raise an alarm event automatically without any user intervention.

Smart City Solution in Jaipur including Public WiFi, Surveillance & Information Kiosk:
Our Smart City solutions in Jaipur was developed for the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA). Public Wi-Fi was launched at 2 locations in the city – Central Park and Jawahar Circle. Citizens are provided free WiFi access for 1 hour every day. A surveillance solution was also implemented to enhance citizen safety. Other salient features include Environmental Sensors at key locations to measure air pollutants, and Information Kiosks at key locations to share important and relevant information to the people and visitors regarding local events, public transport, etc. In consortium with L&T, this project has been extended to several locations.

Test Data
Test Data

D-VoiS is very much aware of the security exposure of Wi-Fi services especially as a medium to access Internet. In line with the need of the hour, D-VoiS has drawn up a plan to comply with various standards, both from the network security and from the policy / procedure / standards perspective. D-VoiS is currently implementing ISO: 27001.

The framework touches each and every aspect of D-VoiS' activity, services and delivery; thereby ensuring that the quality of service standard is consistently met and adhered to. D-VoiS ensures that the services are free of known malicious activities.