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The residential segment is an exciting, demanding and fast growing area for D-VoiS. We are already one of the top 7 pure play Internet Service Providers in the country.

Our Optic Fiber Network in Mumbai region is capable of delivering over 100 Gigabits/second. Also we are peered with the major content providers enabling us to provide high speed low latency services. We are currently deploying GPon (in select markets) capable of delivering user speeds of up to 2 Gbps.

We are present in over 60 cities & towns, spread across the country - Maharashtra, Goa, West Bengal, Karnataka, Punjab, Telangana and Uttrakhand, with robust operations in West as well as South India. 

In this dynamic segment, we are proud to have already made a difference via our customer-centric approach. We have a range of high speed, high bandwidth plans to at a highly competitive price. Our plans allow our customers to connect multiple devices under a single plan.

At D-VoiS, we understand that reliability and responsiveness are a critical needs and we offer our customers a 24 / 7 toll-free call center, should there be a need to call for help.

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Our Residential Broadband Presence


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D-VoiS is very much aware of the security exposure of Wi-Fi services especially as a medium to access Internet. In line with the need of the hour, D-VoiS has drawn up a plan to comply with various standards, both from the network security and from the policy / procedure / standards perspective. D-VoiS is currently implementing ISO: 27001.

The framework touches each and every aspect of D-VoiS' activity, services and delivery; thereby ensuring that the quality of service standard is consistently met and adhered to. D-VoiS ensures that the services are free of known malicious activities.