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Today’s business travellers spend a lot of time a the airport and while at airports, they want to use the time effectively to do business.

This means they expect the best of connectivity, ensuring that wait time is immensely productive. I-On delivers.

Two of India’s top airports have partnerd with I-On to build and operate their brand new start of the art Wi-Fi network to improve passenger experience and operational efficiency. Passengers, airlines and airprot staff experience start of the art Wi-Fi that’s easy to use through a signle login-in that is valid for 30 days.

Seamless roaming: Passengers can access sections of the airport. High speed bandwidth enabled to support high quality content streaming

24/7 help desk: I-On provides on site passenger assistance at convenient locations
Integration: For ease of access, and application of user friendly policies, I-ON has also integrated with the airport’s mobile application


Our Airport Broadband Presence


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Test Data

D-VoiS is very much aware of the security exposure of Wi-Fi services especially as a medium to access Internet. In line with the need of the hour, D-VoiS has drawn up a plan to comply with various standards, both from the network security and from the policy / procedure / standards perspective. D-VoiS is currently implementing ISO: 27001.

The framework touches each and every aspect of D-VoiS' activity, services and delivery; thereby ensuring that the quality of service standard is consistently met and adhered to. D-VoiS ensures that the services are free of known malicious activities.